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Wednesday , October 23 , 2019
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Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) Certification Course

Course 501 - 10 Days
Price: $9,850

This 10-day program, offered in association with the George Washington University College of Professional Studies, is a comprehensive program on leading a balanced scorecard planning and management system implementation.  It is the fastest pathway for participants to receive Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) certification. The program, covering two calendar weeks, is ideal for participants charged with building, implementing, managing, and sustaining balanced scorecard planning and management systems.  It was developed by the Balanced Scorecard Institute for members of internal balanced scorecard teams who want to learn how to build, deploy, and sustain scorecard systems, and for anyone who wants to incorporate lessons learned and best practices into the development of a strategic management system.  Print a Brochure



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Course Overview
The Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification Program provides participants with background and resources in all areas that are important to lead or participate on a team to build, implement, and sustain a balanced scorecard planning and management system in their organization. The program includes in-depth study of strategic thinking, strategic planning, organization assessment, strategy mapping, performance measures and target setting, strategic initiatives, automation, cascading and strategic management. At the end of the program, a certification exam is administered and a Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP) certification is awarded jointly by the Balanced Scorecard Institute and George Washington University.

This program is based on the Institute’s Nine Steps to SuccessTM balanced scorecard framework, and expands on other training workshops with additional process substance in each step, more advanced exercises, one-on-one interaction with senior staff, and additional resource material, software tools and templates. This program also includes a student application project, where students work on their own planning and management scorecard system during the course. Senior consulting Associate instructors review the application example after each step in the development process, and offer best-practices advice and counsel.

The program is taught in a highly interactive manner, using lectures, lessons learned, practical examples, case studies, software demonstrations, small-group exercises, a Performance Scorecard Toolkit, software tools and templates, and instructor reviews of participants' existing scorecards. Topics covered by the course include:

  • Comprehensive approaches to strategic planning, strategic management, performance measurement and target setting, initiative prioritization, performance information systems, and program evaluation
  • The Institute’s Nine Step methodology for building and implementing balanced scorecard planning and management systems
  • Organization development practices, such as SWOT analysis, employee assessment planning, customer and stakeholder identification, and BSC program planning
  • Modern approaches to Strategic thinking and Strategy mapping
  • Communications strategy development and change management aspects of the balanced scorecard journey
  • Facilitation and coaching skills necessary to lead team workshops in the development of a balanced scorecard system for your organization
  • How to select appropriate BSC software to collect and report performance information throughout the organization
  • How to cascade the enterprise scorecard throughout the organization