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Monday , May 29 , 2017
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Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification Part 1: Introduction to the Balanced Scorecard

Course 301 - 3 Days
Price: $2,955

The Balanced Scorecard Professinal Certification Pt. 1 course introduces participants to the Nine Steps to SuccessTM balanced scorecard development methodology. Participants learn how to build and implement a balanced scorecard for any commercial, government or nonprofit organization with a practical step-by-step approach. As Part 1 of the Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP) Certification, offered in association with The George Washington University College of Professional Studies, this course is a practical, "hands-on" workshop that covers best practices, case studies, exercises, lessons-learned, real-life examples and expert facilitation practices. This course is the fundamental starting point for anyone interested in scorecard development, even for students that have advanced knowledge and experience implementing scorecards based on their own research or by working with other methodologies. Print a Brochure


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Course Overview
This course, Part 1 of the Balanced Scorecard Professional Certification, shows a step-by-step methodology to build and implement a balanced scorecard strategic management system, either public or private sector. It includes a hands-on workshop to allow you to get practice in developing the balanced scorecard for a typical organization. You will have an opportunity to address some specific issues in your own organization. Topics covered by the course include:

    • Basic concepts of the balanced scorecard and how it can be used to improve organization performance
    • How the balanced scorecard applies to different types of organizations
    • How to build and implement a balanced scorecard using our award-winning nine-step methodology
    • How to develop more meaningful performance measures
    • The correct sequence of steps that are necessary to build a strategy-focused organization
    • How a scorecard system can drive a performance-based budget and employee accountability.  

Upgrade to Professional Certification!
Take this course and later you can "upgrade" to Professional Certification! In addition, this course can be used towards the Association of Strategic Planning's Body of Knowledge requirements for Strategic Management Professional (SMP) and Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) certfication and recertification.

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