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Tuesday , June 25 , 2019

Strategic Planning and Management Certification

Strategy Management Group / Balanced Scorecard Institute (SMG/BSI) is a Registered Educational Provider (REP) that provides training towards the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) Body of Knowledge requirements for the Strategic Management Professional (SMP) and the Strategic Planning Professional (SPP) certification and recertification. We are also a partner in the Strategy Professional Resource Center, an organization that provides ASP Certification Preparation Tools and Training.

The ASP is the premier professional association for those involved in strategic thinking, planning, and action. SMG/BSI has gone through a rigorous process by ASP to guarantee the highest standards of quality. As a qualified REP, many of our established training courses will help teach and prepare strategic planning professionals the ASP's Body of Knowledge requirements so they can achieve SPP and SMP certification. Those with a SMP and/or SPP certifications have set themselves apart from the competition by demonstrating the highest level of competency in Strategic Planning and Strategic Management.

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ASP's 2017 Annual Conference

Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) is excited to announce their annual conference May 24-26, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.

This year's theme is: Leading & Managing Strategy in a Disruptive World
Organizations, whether private, public or non-profit, are facing the common challenge of rapid change in turbulent times. Regional political instability in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, economic uncertainty in Europe with Brexit and the EU impacting global markets, rapid advances in network effects, IoT & digital, cyber-security, advances in biotech and healthcare, business model innovation & disruption, to name a few challenges.  Our goal at this year’s ASP Conference is to re-engage the strategy community with a major emphasis on strategic leadership and management.  We will hear from practitioners, leaders of strategy and those tasked with managing strategy execution, who are dealing with challenges faced by leaders and managers in business, government, non-profits, and other mission driven organizations.

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Interested in Speaking at the 2017 ASP Conference? 
The call for presenters is open! Submission Deadline is Friday, January 13, 2017 

ASP is seeking experienced speakers for pre-conference “Master Class” workshops (3 hours) and Conference Breakout Sessions (75 minutes). We are looking for speakers who will bring innovative thinking,share real world experience and case studies and promote stimulating, even provocative conversation about the global strategic issues.
We would like presentations to be focused around the following areas and session topics: 
  • Leading Strategy
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executing Strategy
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