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Tuesday , November , 12 , 2019
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The Institute Way: Simplify Strategic Planning and Management with the Balanced Scorecard

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A practical, step-by-step guide to the formulation and execution of strategy in business, government and not-for-profit organizations, The Institute Way blends strategic planning, performance measurement and change management into a simple, disciplined framework that's easy to build and communicate.
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The key to achieving results? Focus.

Organizations that align day-to-day activities with their vision and mission are the ones that achieve the most success.

The Institute Way outlines a practical step-by-step process to formulate and execute strategy in business, government and not-for-profit organizations.

The book is based on the Balanced Scorecard Institute's 15-year track record of training and certifying professionals and consulting with organizations to build and deploy strategic management systems.

The Institute Way details how to manage and adapt to reach a higher level of performance. The Institute's approach blends strategic planning, performance measurement and change management into a simple, disciplined framework that's easy to build and communicate.

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Complete with full color illustrations and real live examples, The Institute Way is a practical guide to applying best practice strategic planning and management practices to your organization.

Additional case study materials are available at The Institute Press.

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“Just like an architect must create a solid foundation and functional design, so must designers of organizational systems create a foundation built upon a clear vision for the future, goals that focus on outcomes, and an inter-connected set of performance measures. The Balanced Scorecard Institute has been a leader in designing solidly-built organizational systems for many years. This book outlines a logical 9-step process for creating plans and measures as well as for analyzing and improving organizational performance.  It is only by ensuring that each segment operates properly will such a system drive exceptional levels and trends in organizational performance. This book is based on many years of real experience working with a wide variety of industries in many countries, and is filled with examples readers will relate to their own organizations.”

 - Mark Graham Brown, Noted Author and International Performance Management Thought Leader


“Drawing on extensive knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of customer engagements around the world, Howard Rohm and his colleagues provide an important contribution to the body of knowledge for  formulating and implementing strategic plans. The book describes proven methods of leveraging the Balanced Scorecard with dozens of ideas. Many organizations struggle with implementing strategy. This book is a “must read” for C-suite executives, their managers, and anyone involved with strategy management.”

 - Gary Cokins, Noted Author and International Performance Management Thought Leader


“We have used the approach in this book over the years to help develop and manage a clear and effective way of focusing our strategy, initiatives, and employees on our goal of successfully serving all patients in need of a stem cell transplant.”

 - Michael Boo, Chief Strategy Officer, National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match®


"The balanced scorecard is a critical part of our strategy. It offers a framework for achieving our business goals through clear, understandable metrics. It's more than standard corporate-speak -- it actually works!"

 - Jeff Levy, Veolia Water North America


"Fluor chose the Balanced Scorecard Institute based on their broad experience, their demonstration of the end result and the people we engaged with during the evaluation process. The process really bonded the team around our strategic intent. We do strategic planning every year, but this time we built a roadmap of how we will achieve our goals and how we will measure ourselves."

 - Matt McSorley, Fluor Energy & Chemicals Group


"This is a superb contribution to the field of strategic management. For anyone who believes “process” makes a tangible difference in strategy setting, and more importantly in execution, this is a MUST read. I particularly appreciate the practical blend of concepts, tools and examples. Having listened to you and your team speak on these topics for a number of years now, I salute all of you for translating your great course into a powerful, comprehensive and innovative summary of the Institute’s model.  Thank you for this important contribution.”

 - Randall Rollinson, Owner, LBL Strategies, Ltd.


"The balanced scorecard fosters consistency in strategic planning and performance management throughout our organization. It provides us the framework for sustaining a disciplined and data-driven approach to decision making."

 - John McGillicuddy, Assistant County Manager, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina


"For anyone considering the use of a Balanced Scorecard or facing the implementation of one within their organization’s strategic planning and management system, this book is a must read. It effectively lays out the whole process in a very sensible and effective way. It not only looks at technical aspects for a scorecard, but examines the leadership and cultural side as well.”

 - Tim Trotter, Past President, Association for Strategic Planning and Manager of Strategic Planning, DuPage County, Illinois


"The Balanced Scorecard is a timeless tool for translating strategy into growth, especially in a rapidly changing world. This book presents a clear and understandable road map for how business leaders can fully engage employees around what matters most, leverage strategic performance management into extraordinary results, and create a powerful competitive advantage in times of great change."

 - Rod Collins, Noted Author and Innovation and Change Management Thought Leader


“I was always dubious about the Balanced Scorecard, having seen it implemented so poorly by so many organizations. I even wrote on my blog about the three things I hate about the Balanced Scorecard! Thankfully Howard Rohm and his colleagues showed me their approach to the Balanced Scorecard, and just how powerfully their 'Nine Steps to Success' develops a deliberate, measurable and executable strategy. Now, this is what I recommend people use for strategy development.

We can't have great performance measures without a great strategy. Great performance measures are the feedback that guides us faster and more easily to where we want our organizations to be. A great strategy is clear, deliberate and focused. This is what 'Nine Steps to Success' creates.”

 - Stacey Barr, Performance Measurement Specialist


"Achieving our vision of A World Without Breast Cancer was a powerful promise. Constructing our strategy "Promise Map" had to engage the hearts and minds of our stakeholders - staff and volunteer - on what was clearly a heart and mind journey to "discover and deliver the cures." What could have been more worthwhile in time and energy than to focus direction and performance to save lives?"

 - Janet Harrison, former Director of Strategic Planning, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Inc.


"With the help and superior guidance of the Institute we have developed the Align Arapahoe Scorecard for the entire County Government, [which] will provide us with the information necessary to prioritize requests and provide funding where it can give us the most benefit toward achieving our long-term strategies and improving our organizational performance."

 - David M. Schmit, Arapahoe County, Colorado


"The Institute Way demystifies the process of establishing a Strategy Management System for readers. It does a great job of highlighting best practices and guiding readers away from common strategic planning pitfalls."

 - Conor Crimmins, Chief Operating Officer, Spider Strategies


“I have experienced what started as an idea on a napkin blossom into a world-wide movement which is substantially impacting the lives of real people on four continents. ...as I read The Institute Way, I found myself taking a nostalgic journey and marveling at the wisdom that the Institute has developed over the years. [The Institute has] done a great job of capturing both the soul, essence, and spirit of what they do as well as providing detailed technical maps of how to do the challenging work of aligning organizations strategically.

The Institute Way is far more than another "how to" manual. The reader must be prepared to go on a journey of discovery which will provide them with surprising insights about organizations, about our heart-brain connections, and, most importantly, about ourselves. The Institute Way does a great job of combining insight with practical implementation tools so that the reader is encouraged and empowered to take action.  When I became director of our Center at the university, we were in an unsustainable position—losing money, customers, and credibility and it was the use of the Strategy Mapping process that we learned from the Balanced Scorecard Institute which enabled us to make a 180 degree turn in our future.  So I know that The Institute Way works and I encourage you to discover the power in their process for yourselves.”

  - Jim Robinson, Director, George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership

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