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Friday , February 22 , 2019

Business Applications for an Intranet

Organizations everywhere are attempting to implement new, more efficient information technology solutions to common business needs. One of the key enabling technologies is an intranet: web-based applications running on the LAN to collect and display company information. This is one of the most versatile, cost-effective ways to support many business needs. Here are some examples of business applications that can be supported by an intranet (in conjunction with other server-side software such as a database):

Information Management:

  • Strategic Decision Support
  • Enterprise resource management
  • On-Line Analytical Protocol (OLAP) for data analysis
  • Financial data reporting system
  • Time & leave system
  • Procurement and supply system
  • Travel system
  • Employee skills management, teaming
  • Balanced Scorecard data collection and reporting
  • Knowledge management, metadata development
  • Y2K status database
  • Performance-based promotion decision support


  • Promotional presentations (multimedia)
  • Customer support
  • Customer surveys


  • Distributed development teamwork (detachments, partners)
  • Process control
  • Project scheduling and task tracking
  • Calendars for people and meeting rooms
  • Process monitoring and data collection
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Activity-Based Costing
  • Business Process Improvement support
  • Signature authentication, approvals and tracking

Communications enhancement:

  • Secure communications
  • Security testing and monitoring
  • Registration form
  • Internet telephone
  • Video and teleconferencing
  • Anonymous channel ("rumor mill")
  • Threaded discussions
  • Chat server
  • Push technology
  • Groupware, e.g. NetMeeting
  • Web email

Document Management:

  • News
  • CAD viewer & server
  • File servers
  • Forms server
  • Document management, library
  • Research support using Intelligent Agents and profiles
  • Search tools
  • Server statistics & reports


  • Online training
  • Online testing and certification
  • Collaborative training


In light of this huge range of applications, it is no wonder that intranets are becoming increasingly important in the life and growth of corporations. Government agencies, too, are beginning to add intranet technology to their existing networks to enhance communications and outreach. This trend can be expected to grow rapidly.