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Sunday , July 23 , 2017
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Balanced Scorecard Institute Global Partners

Global Partner LogoThe Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) maintains an affiliate network of balanced scorecard service providers in many parts of the world in order to better meet international demand for training and consulting services related to the Nine Steps to SuccessTM Balanced Scorecard development and deployment process. These are the only firms authorized by us as part of our global network. Please contact us to confirm the status of any organization claiming affiliation with BSI.  If you would like to learn more about the partners of the Balanced Scorecard Institute or how BSI can help your organization, please contact us electronically.


Balanced Scorecard Australia
Melbourne, Australia

Balanced Scorecard Australia is an Australian owned company dedicated to supporting the growth of the Balanced Scorecard management methodology in Australia and SE Asia. Balanced Scorecard Australia offers a range of training and consulting services related to the development and implementation of balanced scorecard management systems.


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Balanced Scorecard Eastern Africa
Nairobi, Kenya

Balanced Scorecard Eastern Africa is a business management consulting firm providing training on the balanced scorecard strategic planning and management system and consulting in business strategy, communication and social marketing. The firm has worked for companies, government departments and not-for profit organizations of different sizes on value creation, communication and the development and implementation of balanced scorecards.


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Balanced Scorecard North Africa
Tripoli, Libya
BSNA logo
Balanced Scorecard North Africa (BSNA) is the Agent of the Balanced Scorecard Institute of Cary, North Carolina USA and the regional provider of balanced scorecard training and consulting services. Our office is located in Tunis and our market covers the countries of: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco & Mauritania.


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Balanced Scorecard Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

Balanced Scorecard Vietnam (BSV) - a member of PACE Institute of Management (Vietnam) is a Vietnamese-owned company dedicated to supporting the growth of the Balanced Scorecard methodologies in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. BSV offers training and consulting services related to the development and implementation of Balanced Scorecard systems.


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Balanced Scorecard West Africa

Balanced Scorecard West Africa is a management consulting firm incorporated in Nigeria and specialized in strategy and performance management training and consulting services.


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Informa Middle East
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Informa Middle East (formerly known as IIR Middle East), for more than 35 years, the leader in facilitating business knowledge and skills delivered through cutting edge conferences, training programmes and industry led exhibitions in the Middle East. 


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Performance Management Institute (PMI - Africa)
Pretoria, South Africa

PMI - Africa is a South African company committed to supporting organizations through customized training courses, coaching and facilitated interventions in aligning their strategy, management systems and performance frameworks to improve organizational effectiveness and focus in delivering their mandate.


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Winchester, United Kingdom

Intrafocus is a business performance management software reseller and consultancy. Having invested heavily in lighter-footprint performance management software, Intrafocus believes that companies and organizations want easy-to-use web-based tools to examine and manage their performance data more effectively. 

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