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Monday , April 22 , 2019

Balanced Scorecard Institute "Strategy Mechanics" Webinar Series

Recorded August 14, 2018 - Replay Available Below

An Inside View on Composite Indices (CIs)

Is your organization struggling to implement a strategy that has intangible desired results? Are you trying to make improvements in strategic focus areas that are abstract, like Customer Loyalty/Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Infrastructure, Thought Leadership, Advocacy, or countless others? Is it proving to be impossible to identify one single measure of success? Will one single measure lose the detailed line-of-sight of what is really going on within the strategic objective? Composite Indicator

Sometimes if individually developed measures only provide useful data on dimensions of an objective’s intended result, constructing a Composite Index can aid in analysis.

Composite indices are most useful when a single measure isn’t meaningful by itself or doesn’t provide a complete picture of performance. This is especially common for intangibles like satisfaction or loyalty, where multiple indicators that separately address different dimensions of the intended result can be grouped together.

To learn more about how to develop a Composite Index for your strategic objectives, join BSI's Vice President of Engagement and Delivery and Senior Consultant, Joe DeCarlo and Charles Odoch Langoya, BSI Senior Strategic Partner, Board Advisor and Senior Consultant, for a 45-minute webinar to explore:

  • The power of CIs to tell the entire story of performance
  • How to easily construct CIs by taking advantage of today's performance management systems
  • How to use the macro and micro level CIs to inform and move decision-making to all levels of the organization
Download a copy of the presentation here > >




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