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Tuesday , July 23 , 2019
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Will Kaydos
Senior Associate

Will Kaydos is a Balanced Scorecard Institute Senior Associate. He has been helping organizations improve their performance for thirty years. His experience includes operations management, performance measurement, the balanced scorecard, strategic planning, total quality management, management systems, and Baldrige assessment. He has facilitated strategic planning and developing balanced scorecards for private and public sector organizations such as Mecklenburg County (NC) and Golden Sunlight Mines. Mr. Kaydos is a recognized authority on performance measurement and management.

The measurement systems he developed as President of PCA Laboratories were instrumental in building a company recognized around the world as the best in its industry. This experience inspired him to develop the concept of Operational Performance Measurement, which he refined while implementing successful measurement systems in manufacturing, administrative and service applications. His books, Operational Performance Measurement: Increasing Total Productivity and Measuring, Managing, and Maximizing Performance, have been praised by leaders in performance measurement and management, including prominent executives such as Bob Galvin of Motorola and Tom Gelb of Harley-Davidson.  His latest book, Thin Ice and Melting, examines the current state of the U.S. economy.

Will has an MBA in Operations Management from the Wharton School and a BS from Clarkson University.