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Saturday , September 22 , 2018
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Anwar Arif
Senior Associate

As co-founder and CEO Anwar Arif is responsible for leading Balanced Scorecard North Africa to achieve its strategy and business objectives including driving revenue and growth of the company and its customers. He is a Balanced Scorecard professional and is looking forward to becoming a major contributor towards the consultation services that BSNA shall be providing to its clients in the region. He is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrable track record of delivering transformational performance and has a strong customer focus. Anwar started his career as a US business graduate and has worked in different managerial positions for a period of 25 years in the Libyan oil & gas sector the major part being involved in the international marketing of locally produced petrochemical products to Europe, Asia and South America. This experience has allowed him to develop into a refined negotiator and an expert marketer and operations manager.

Anwar was brought up by his late father as an entrepreneur at an early age, and so upon the opening-up of the Libyan private sector , went into early retirement and into business for himself, set up a number of successful companies in a variety of different sectors. He also possesses wide-ranging and adaptable skills and is a resourceful individual with an international outlook. He is an individual who has a comprehensive understanding of business intelligence/market research process and is skilled in interpreting information, spotting trends and identifying strategic insights. He is adept at applying innovative and practical problem-solving strategies and has a good sense of numbers. Anwar has managed to develop fine system analysis skills in addition to having strong people and project management skills. Being a multilingual & multicultural individual, Anwar has also managed to develop good client management skills.

He fluently speaks Arabic, English, Italian and French. Anwar is a strong believer in continuous development and so attended various workshops related to soft skills, project management, marketing, finance, oil economics and balanced scorecards. His main interests are sports, travelling, current affairs and general social, political and cultural issues. 

Anwar Arif