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Tuesday , November 12 , 2019
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The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI), a Strategy Management Group company, provides consulting, training, and professional certification services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. BSI specializes in helping organizations:  
  • Become a high-performance organization
  • Increase focus on strategy and results
  • Prioritize projects & initiatives
  • Improve strategic processes
  • Improve organizational performance by measuring what matters
  • Align the work people do on a day-to-day basis with organization vision and strategy
  • Focus on the drivers of future performance
  • Improve communication of the organization’s vision and strategy
  • Transform the organization and build buy-in to change
  • Build complete strategic management systems

BSI helps organizations build balanced scorecard or KPI systems from scratch or assess and improve what they already have. Organizations leverage BSI’s expertise in a number of different ways. Some simply purchase The Institute Way and implement a system on their own, some have employees attend a Training or Certification workshop to more effectively build internal capacities, and others bring our expert consultants onsite to facilitate strategic actions to improve performance, build strategic management systems, provide on-site technical support, and coach leaders and managers how to execute strategy and create high performance organization.

For more information about how BSI can help your organization, please contact us.

BSI is a trusted advisor and counselor to hundreds of organizations throughout the world. We are a global organization with three domestic U.S. offices and partner offices in eight countries internationally. We have established a reputation as great teachers that emphasize the practical application of academic best practices, as BSI courses are short on dry lecture and academic theory and long on hands-on team exercises and interactive discussion for maximum adult learning, engagement, retention and fun.

Our consulting practice leverages this “teaching-based” approach during the engagement to ensure we not only deliver a flawless strategic balanced scorecard system, but that the client team also develops the internal capacity to update and maintain their strategic scorecard system for years to come.

BSI associates also have a long tradition as thought leaders in the field of strategic management, performance measurement and related fields, authoring books, white papers, articles, case studies, and blogs, most of which are available on this website or through participation in BSI’s regular conferencing events.

BSI consultants and trainers are passionate and dedicated to client success. We get most excited when we witness our clients’ systems be embraced and result in meaningful success for their organization. We care, our clients know we care, and most become long-time personal friends as a result.

Meet the BSI team

BSI’s services are organized around BSI’s award-winning framework, Nine Steps to SuccessTM. This approach, detailed in the book The Institute Way, is disciplined, consistent, logical and thorough, meaning that clients can feel confident that words will be used consistently throughout the organization and that important process steps haven’t been skipped or mixed. Training is an integral part of the framework, as is coaching, change management, and problem solving. We build organizational transformation and change management into the planning process from the beginning using an approach designed to maximize engagement and buy-in from employees and other stakeholders.

Organizations that use BSI’s methodology learn to:

  • Use consistent terminology throughout the process
  • Develop a shared vision for the future
  • Create strategy maps that tell the story of the strategy and of value creation for customers
  • Measure performance the same way starting with desired outcomes and results
  • Prioritize action plan activities and execute strategy
  • Embrace a more effective way of communicating with employees, customers and other stakeholders
Strategy Discussion

BSI applies best practices gained from hundreds of consulting assignments and 7,500 trainees in balanced scorecard, strategic performance management and measurement, strategic planning, and change management to help executives, managers and analysts transform their organizations into “performance excellence” organizations. No other consulting company has this unique set of capabilities to help organizations align and become more strategy-focused:

  • We have been providing organizations with strategic planning, management, performance measurement, and balanced scorecard support for over 15 years
  • We have certified over 7,500 people in over 80 countries in Balanced Scorecard or Key Performance Indicator development since 2006
  • We are the original certifying body for balanced scorecard practitioners, offering our program through our partnership with the George Washington University College of Professional Studies since 2005
  • We are one of only five Registered Education Providers for the Association for Strategic Planning
  • The Alignment Optimization process that we offer through our partnership with SchellingPoint is the only vehicle in the world for directly measuring and improving organizational alignment
  • We developed the Nine Steps to Successstrategic planning and management framework in 1997, as a practical, non-academic approach to developing balanced scorecard systems
  • Our methodology has benefited a diverse group of organizations, such as Fluor Corporation, The U.S. Department of Defense, Tolko Industries, The Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, The National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match Registry®, The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, The Blue Man Group, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Sunswept Resorts, The Canadian Passport Office, KeyLogic Systems, and many more