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Saturday , October 21 , 2017
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 Measures & More Mastermind Series Event

Expert Interview Webcast with Howard Rohm:
Hosted by Stacey Barr

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Howard Rohm


The Balanced Scorecard and PuMP: Can They Co-Exist In Harmony


Performance Measurement Specialist Stacey Barr and Institute CEO Howard Rohm


Recorded Brisbane: 9am-10am, Tuesday 3rd August
US Eastern: 7pm-8pm, Monday 2nd August


In this month's EXPERT INTERVIEW, performance measurement specialist Stacey Barr and Institute CEO Howard Rohm discuss how to more easily implement the Balanced Scorecard and produce even more meaningful performance measures by embedding Stacey's PuMP® methodology into the Balanced Scorecard Institute's Nine Steps to Success implementation process.


  • The Nine Steps to Success Balanced Scorecard Implementation process
  • The typical challenges people have with their Balanced Scorecard measures
  • How PuMP can support the measurement steps in the Balanced Scorecard Implementation process to overcome these typical challenges

More about Stacey's Measures & More Mastermind Program >>

Listen to the Recording >>

Stacey Barr Balanced Scorecard Australia Balanced Scorecard Institute

For more information about the Balanced Scorecard, please contact the Balanced Scorecard Institute or the Balanced Scorecard Australia. For more information about Stacey Barr, please visit her website.