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Wednesday , January 24 , 2018

Alignment Optimization Executive Education

Course 375 - 2 Days
Price: $1,990

Leaders must foster and sustain high degrees of alignment when creating and implementing ‘collaborative actions’ such as strategies, projects, policies, and business relationships including alliances, coalitions, customers, mergers, and partnerships. However, this core competence has had to be learned ‘at the School of Hard Knocks’.

In this course you will learn the concepts and methods of Alignment Optimization, the new management science being taught at leading business schools. You will go beyond alignment as a request ‘Let’s get aligned’, a question ‘Are we aligned?’ and a judgment of either ‘Yes, we are’, or, ‘No we aren’t’? You will learn how to measure and describe a group’s alignment, how to leverage alignment, and reconcile misalignment, into group endorsement of shared objectives and viable plans. Print a Brochure


This course equips leaders and managers with the ability to replace the ‘soft’ concept of alignment with tangible, informative, and actionable descriptions of the state of alignment of any group. Through hands on exercises and practice, it teaches leaders and managers how to efficiently and accurately surface this picture, and effectively converge the group around their most valuable and viable set of objectives and plans.

Outcomes from the course include:
  • Ensuring that any group who needs to coordinate their actions to attain a common purpose know their alignment and are able to optimize it
  • Ensuring that alignment is fully leveraged
  • Ensuring that misalignment is surfaced and productively resolved
  • Generate known endorsement around shared outcomes and actions
  • Enable colleagues to move from resistance or compliance to commitment

Who Should Attend?
Leaders responsible for running collaborative activities such as strategy development, policy revision, projects, initiatives, and business relationships.

Managers and key contributors required to participate effectively in inter-dependent groups, such as boards, leadership teams, project teams, alliances and coalitions.

Course Benefits

The Impact: On The Organization

  • Enables your leaders to run multi-person collaborative activities with a greater rate of on-benefit, on-time, on-cost performance
  • Increase your organization’s agility - through every group’s ability to rapidly assemble, discuss, agree, and then act as ‘we’
  • Accelerate your corporate performance by preventing or removing the misalignment that traditionally drags down important collaborations

The Impact: On the Individual

  • Acquire the skills and methods to conduct any leader’s most critical competence - the ability to foster and sustain high levels of alignment within your teams and groups
  • Increase your ability to assemble any group, at any time, around any subject, and translate their diverse thoughts into coordinated action efficiently and effectively
  • Diminish the non-value-add dialogues and interactions that consume your calendar so you can focus on value-add, advancing, tasks

The first module comprises presentation of the concepts of alignment surfaced during the research which led to Alignment Optimization. It includes case studies illustrating how the Concepts allowed the ‘soft’ topic of alignment to be made tangible.

Hands On Training
The balance of the course comprises the teaching and practice of the alignment methods designed to enable leaders to efficiently and effectively foster genuine alignment in group activities.


The course will be taught by the Principals and Certified Alignment Managers of SchellingPoint, the authors of Alignment Optimization, and the Balanced Scorecard Institute’s approved partner. These instructors teach at several leading business schools in the United States and Europe, and have experience with the methods in government, commercial, non-profit, associations, and 100’s of applications of Alignment Optimization.


Pre-Course Distance Learning (90 minutes)

Day 1
Module 1. Making Alignment Tangible
(Learning Objectives: Learn the Alignment Concepts which describe a group’s alignment).

  • The Degree of Alignment
  • Four Categories of Opinion
  • Four Types of Alignment
  • Four States of Alignment
  • Three Reasons for Misalignment

Exercise: Use the pre-course exercises to illustrate these factors around a shared cohort topic.

Module 2. The Alignment Optimization Methods
(Learning Objectives: Learn the methods for measuring, maximizing and maintaining alignment in groups).

  • Gathering the Relevant Opinions
  • Surfacing the Group’s Degree of Alignment
  • Leveraging Alignment
  • Resolving Misalignment
  • Confirming the Case for Action
  • Clarifying the Desired Outcomes
  • Removing the Valid Constraints
  • Sequencing the Key Actions

Exercise: Review case studies to illustrate each method in practice

Day 2

Module 3. Implement Alignment Optimization
(Learning Objectives: Utilize the pre-course work and the Day 1 teaching to conduct an end-to-end exercise that practices and reinforces each concept and method).
  • Measure and Maximize Alignment around a shared topic
  • Take your cohort from ‘We each think’ to ‘We agree to do’
  • Create accurate, sustainable actions from like-minded opinions
  • Translate non like-minded opinions into coordinated actions

Exercise: Use the Manual AO Worksheet to conduct an alignment cycle. 

Post-Workshop Reinforcement

Feedback from past participants:

“We are at this class because I realized how Tracy (the instructor) had used AO in our meetings and the power of the results that generated for us.”

“This awareness, and these methods, are going to enable us to talk less and do more.”

“I like your process because it cuts through the junk and gets straight to the issues and the results.”
“..gives us tools to get to the bottom of reasons that are holding up action.”
“As a management team, we are producing higher results.”
"I really saw so much that could have been done in my last venture but wasn’t.”

Public Sector Discount:

There is a $100 discount for participants from public sector and not-for-profit organizations (use discount code NP).

Multi-Registration Discount:

There is also a $200 discount for three or more participants from the same organization. We encourage more people from the same organization to attend so that they can collaborate during the workshop.

Early Bird Special:

$200 additional discount per participant for signing up 30 days before the start of the course.