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Tuesday , May 30 , 2017
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Bad KPI Habits Webinar

Recorded February 7, 2017 - Replay Available Below

You know what they say, don't you? If you want a different result you have to change your approach. If you want performance measurement to be easier, faster, more engaging, more meaningful
AND hit more targets, you have to change your approach. 

The first part of changing your approach is to RID yourself of the bad KPI habits you probably don't realize you have! 

Join Stacey Barr, PuMP founder, David Wilsey and Brook Rolter, the US PuMP Partner team, as they will give you some practical advice about:

  • The most dominant struggles we all share in measuring performance.
  • The most common practices in performance measurement that are actually bad habits that cause these struggles!
  • New practices to replace the bad habits that are proven to produce meaningful measures, engage people and focus on performance improvement.
When you take the right approach to measuring performance, it becomes easier and faster. But it also becomes more meaningful and engaging. That means you reach your targets sooner, and with less effort.

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