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Thursday , April 27 , 2017
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BSI Consulting Services

BSI ConsultingThe Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) has helped a diverse range organizations with strategic planning and performance management. Services are tailored to each client’s unique needs and address issues such as:

  • Building and implementing a strategic balanced scorecard from scratch
  • Ensuring that existing balanced scorecards meets current best practice methods and is delivering optimum results
  • Ensuring cascaded scorecards are aligned vertically and horizontally so that business unit scorecards enable corporate strategy 
  • Assessing what is missing from a scorecard system and connecting the dots to improve strategy communication and alignment 
  • Updating the balanced scorecard strategic plan as part of an annual strategic planning cycle 
  • Helping develop and implement meaningful performance measures / KPIs
  • Ensuring Tier 3 Individual Development Plans, Personal Goals, and Incentive Plans are aligning work with strategy
  • Designing dashboards and reports to enable data-driven decision making
  • Ensuring programs/projects are prioritized and aligned to strategy 
  • Ensuring management meetings stay strategy-focused and result in data-driven decisions

For more information about consulting services contact us electronically.


A Few of BSI's Clients
BSI Consulting Clients


Assess Your Strategic Maturity

Strategic Management Maturity Model Are you concerned that you are not getting the most out of your strategic management system? Do you feel like there are disconnects or missing components? Would you like an expert evaluation of your complete strategic planning and performance management system along with recommendations for improvement? Do you know where you stand compared with other high performing organizations. To find out more, try one of BSI's assessment options, either the Strategic Management Maturity Model or the Strategic Management Health Assessment.

For a quick and simple self assessment designed go measure the quality of your organization's strategic management, try BSI's interactive Strategic Management Maturity ModelTM (SMMM).


Assess Your Strategic Management Health

BSI Strategic Health AssessmentIf you would like a more formal assessment of your strategic management system by a certified strategic planning and management expert, the Strategic Management Health Assessment is for you. An experienced BSI consultant will come onsite to provide advisory consulting and overview training services as we evaluate your existing strategic planning and performance management strategy and process. Your current strategic planning & management materials and process will be assessed and compared to best practice and a gap assessment as well as a strategic management maturity report will be delivered.

The assessment will include a session with your team to review best practices in strategic balanced scorecard development and implementation (including strategy mapping and performance measures), change management/communications, cascading and scorecard automation.

If desired, assistance developing a road map for the full implementation of a strategic balanced scorecard strategic management system will be provided. Discussion will focus on which elements of BSI's balanced scorecard strategic planning and management framework, Nine Steps to SuccessTM, would be appropriate to strengthen and deploy your strategic management system and fill in any gaps identified during the assessment, always building on the work that you have already completed. If you would like to learn more about having your organization assessed, please contact us electronically.